Many clients are unsure whether an event planner can benefit them. Each client wants to have a voice in the planning process. At Storybook Wedding Consulting, we work in tandem with our clients, carefully listening to your needs, wants and desires - creating a wedding that surpasses your expectations.

The benefits of hiring an event planner can be immeasurable. Our clients often say that hiring Storybook Wedding Consulting was the best money spent on the entire wedding and other than stress reduction reference the following:

Customization and Creativity - We don’t believe in “cookie- cutter” weddings. We take time to get to know you by asking leading questions. We encourage you to share your experiences and dreams and then strive to realize that inspiration. Part of our education mission is to stay current with the latest trends and subtly incorporate them into the traditional elements of your wedding. Whether your vision for your event is exquisite and timeless or stylish and hip, our associates are dedicated to helping you create a celebration so unique and cutting edge that your guests will go home wishing for more.

Mediation and Advocacy - We build strong, established relationships with our vendors. We act on your behalf throughout the entire planning process. We guide you toward the vendors that are best suited to your style, personality and budget. We negotiate contracts that reflect your best interests, and then maintain regular contact with the vendors to assure that details are not overlooked.

Time Management and Monetary Savings - A typical wedding takes at least 150 hours to plan. By assuming researching tasks, steering you to the appropriate vendors, setting appointments, establishing a timeline, and confirming details, we save you valuable time. It is a myth that an event planner is an extravagant expense. We strive to create your vision within your budget. The reality is that a good planner will pay for itself. Our vendors know that we are repeat customers - giving us a financial edge in pricing. We do not give or accept vendor “referral” fees.

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